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What endings have been the most and least awarded in the Spanish Christmas Lottery?

Few are the people who buy their tenth Christmas Lottery thinking about the first number, most focus on the last number and to guess that last number is equivalent to that we return the game.

Although all the numbers have the same odds of being awarded, the history of big wins denies it. The statistics have shown us that some endings have been more awarded than others, and that is what we are going to tell you in this article from La Lotera: What endings have been the most and least awarded in the Christmas Lottery?

When deciding the number of the tenth of the Christmas lottery, unless there are preferences of personal endings, it is important to choose a "good" number.

"El Gordo" most repeated throughout the history of the Christmas Lottery has been number 5, which has been awarded a total of 32 times, followed by number 4 and 6, which have been awarded on 27 occasions, 8 on 22 occasions and 0 and 3 on 21 occasions. But, if you still have doubts about which end to choose, then we leave you the ranking of the most awarded endings in the Christmas Lottery (in order of less to more awarded times):

Now let"s talk about the tens. The most repeated ending throughout the history of the Extraordinary Sweepstakes of the Christmas Lottery is the number 85, which has been awarded seven times, followed by the number 57, awarded six times, and the numbers 17 and 64, each awarded five times.

If we want to go even further, concretely to the hundreds, the ending that has been repeated most times throughout the history of the Extraordinary Lottery of Christmas has been with the numbers 297, 457 and 515, with a total of three times, and the numbers 094, 098, 400, 452, 640, 704, 758 and 892 with a total of two times.

In the endings with less luck, the numbers that stand out are the 1, with just 8 Gordos, followed by 2, with 13 Gordos and 9, with 16 Gordos.

If we want to take into account the dozens, the endings that have not yet had the luck to leave even once in the more than 200 years of history of the Christmas Lottery are the 27, 37,39,41,44,51,64 , from 67 to 75, 77, and from 80 to 99.

This year at La Lotera WE DRAW A TENTH FOR THE CHRISTMAS LOTTERY. Following the statistics we have decided that the number of the tenth is 68885. Why? As we have already commented in the article, 5 has been the number that has been the most times in the Christmas Lottery Prize, and if we add the 8, we get the termination in tens that has been awarded the most times.

How to participate?

To participate you must buy any tenth of the Christmas Lot available through our website. Once the purchase is made, you will enter directly into the draw for a tenth of the Christmas Lottery with the ending that has most often come out in the entire history of the Christmas Lottery Sweepstakes.

The draw will end on Sunday December 16 at 23:59. The winner will be informed via email how to proceed to obtain his tenth.


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