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Is it possible? The same number awarded in the ONCE and the National Lottery?

A strange coincidence provoked the astonishment of the users of the public lottery games and the Spanish media.

Is it possible? The same number awarded in the ONCE and the National Lottery?

The probability of the same number coming out in two different drawings almost immediately is 1 in 10,000 million, a fact that makes us think that it is practically impossible for this circumstance to occur. But we know that chance is sometimes very capricious and that was what happened on October 12 and 13 with the special raffle of the ONCE and the special draw of the Hispanic National Lottery Day.

With just 16 hours of difference the same number, 73,073, distributed a total of 10 million euros, 1 million in the series of the ONCE and 9 million in the series of the National Lottery.

According to a query in the search engine of the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE), the number 73073 had not been previously awarded in its history. The 073 completion has been awarded with the first prize in this draw seven times. In addition, the circumstance occurs that the number can be considered capicúa, with the 73 front and behind and a zero in the middle.

Interestingly, it is not the first time something similar happens in a raffle in Spain. In fact, recently, in the winning combination of the "La Primivita" lottery of two draws in a row (15 and 20 September 2018) 5 of the 6 main numbers coincided, something statistically almost impossible, according to Lotteries and Results.

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