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Curiosities about La Primitiva

The spanish lottery "Lotería Primitiva" was proposed by the Spanish Finance Minister, Don Leopoldo de Gregorio, better known as Marqués de Esquilache and created during the government of Carlos II. What he wanted to do was get more money for the state coffers, avoiding creating new taxes. At that time, this lottery was known as "Lottery by Numbers".

The first drawing of Lotería Primitiva took place on December 10th, 1763. The collection of this first draw was 187,500 "reales", of which 75% was destined for prizes and the remaining 25% was for the state.

In the year 1812, a new type of lottery was born, called "Modern Lottery", whose novelty was that the tickets already had printed a number. This gave rise to what we now know as "National Lottery". At the same time the "Lottery by Numbers" changed its name and became known as "Loería Primitiva", which was suppressed in the year 1862.

A century later, in 1985, the "Lotería Primitiva" was once again celebrated and the first draw was made on October 17, 1985 with a collection of 473,213,425 "pesetas". From that moment, La Primitiva took place every Thursday of each week and each ticket cost 25 "pesetas".

The first three winners of the highest category came out in the fourth draw, in November 1985, and each one received 66 million "pesetas". In that same month La Primitiva distributed another millionaire prize among 3 winners, of a total of 125 million "pesetas" each.

Given the popularity of the draw, in July 1986, the price of bets was increased to 50 "pesetas", which made the prizes also increase. In November of that same year a single acertante took the first of the great prizes, 800 million "pesetas".

The price of tickets went back up to 100 pesetas in 1988 and in May of 1989 one more day of draw was added, La Primitiva on Saturday. This gave way to the appearance of the "brown ticket", which allowed to play the two weekly draws held on Thursday and Saturday.

Once the turn of the century arrived, the price to play the La Primitiva lottery increased again until it reached 150 pesetas, which after the entry of Spain into the European currency became 1 euro.

The record prize in the entire history of the La Primitiva lottery was awarded on October 15, 2015, when a single Barcelona winner obtained more than 101 million euros.

On October 16, 2010 was added a novelty, when in a raffle there are no first category winners, the fund of the same will be automatically assigned to the first category fund of the drawing immediately after.

In order to offer larger boats, as of November 8, 2012, a new category "Special Category" was included, which corresponds to the sum of the six numbers of the winning combination plus the refund.

If you want to be the next winner of La Primitiva, participate in the following raffle by purchasing your ticket online at La Lotera by clicking HERE.


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